A Hairdresser's Revenge, set in 1963, recounts the story of Blair Fusco, an aspiring eighteen-year-old who wishes to become a successful hairstylist, and prove wrong those who regard him as queer, particularly his father.

Perceived to be homosexual, and ridiculed for his effeminate characteristics, Blair struggles to find his personal and professional identity. A first foiled romance with a lesbian and several equivocal relationships with mature women, together with his initiation into a group of local mobsters, transform Fusco into a shrewd operator.

After many adventures and vicissitudes, he becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his client/partner Robin Maxwell and her maid, Anne. Since Blair is the only suspect, and the police are unable to find the culprit, he is compelled to fight for his innocence.

The young hairdresser pins his hopes on a few strands of hair found in one of the corpseís hands, which he believes came from a wig, and should hold a clue as to who murdered Robin.

If Blair Fusco wants to exonerate himself and resolve the murders, he must find the culprit himself, unless heís willing to spend the rest of his days cutting hair in a penitentiary.

A Hairdresserís Revenge depicts a profession that the world of contemporary fiction has largely ignored. In addition to a mix of sex, violence, and humor, this novel enlightens the reader about what inspires hairstylists to find their own niche. Itís not talent alone, itís also their ability to relate and please the public, and thatís perhaps the other reason why these individuals are so unique.

After 42 years in a successful hairdressing career in Westport, Connecticut, Nicholas Mancini has put his scissors to rest, and taken a look behind the scenes of this little-explored industry to write his novel, A Hairdresserís Revenge.

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